About this website

Japan is a country where you can admire the tradition and the modernity. Traditionally, we have developed our civilization on this small island, utilizing the small resources intelligently. With modern development, we have become one of the technologically advanced societies, aiming to improve every aspect of our lives to be more accessible.

Like that, we have changed our Mottainai (shame to waste) culture to a disposable culture of immediate satisfaction.

After living in France for 12 years, it took a lot of work to return to Japan and keep living sustainably. We can buy cheap and easily disposable stuff at 100 yen shops. When we purchase products in stores, everything is wrapped in plastic. We can buy drinks in plastic bottles in convenience stores on every corner of the city.

I started this website to promote sustainable living and travel in Japan. Majored in Philosophy as a student, I am also curious about thoughts and ideologies that can lead to a more eco-friendly society and world.

This site generates revenue through affiliates and advertisements in exchange for free content. I hope you can discover many sustainable and ethical products while avoiding greenwashing. I also aim to find local shops and producers focusing on environmentally friendly businesses.

I hope this website helps you live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle in Japan.

About the author

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Studied in Canada at the age of 15 and graduated from a Canadian high school. She then studied philosophy at the University of Paris IV in France. Obtained a master degree in Philosophy of Science and Language at the same university. Has lived in France for 12 years and has been practicing sustainable living since 2008. She works as a writer and translator. She writes about feminism, sustainability, and environmental issues.